Horse Leasing
Horse leasing is a convenient and affordable way to learn about the basics of horse ownership. Leasing allows you to ride and spend time with a horse on your own terms, offering many other advantages of horse ownership at a fraction of the cost and responsibility.

When you lease a horse you pay a monthly fee and we supply vet, blacksmith, board, and all the tack and grooming supplies!

Further you have the possibility to ride a top quality horse which is only ridden by you and trained by the riding instructors of the Velkostatek Tetin Equestrian Center which guarantees you wonderful experiences!

In addition of the Full Lease we offer as well horses for Half Lease which means you “own” the horse for 3 days of the week and pay only half of the leasing fee! 

Following horses are for lease at the moment: 

photo is coming soon...

Galdano: 7 years, gelding, 165cm
Very friendly, beautiful movements, very good jumper.

Nabucco: 10 years, gelding, 148cm
Very friendly, beautiful movements, for the intermediate to experienced rider. Can carry weight and be ridden by adults as well, very good jumper.

Batida: 8 years, mare, 147cm
Very good with young children, can carry light adults as well.

For any further information please contact us.